Reporter's Notebook

  • Making the American Dream a Reality

    Everyone has heard the stories about how some guy made an obscene amount of money by selling rocks as pets or how someone became undeservedly wealthy by selling a blanket with sleeves. Incidentally, the Pet Rock sold for $3.95 and the idea grossed $15 million and the Snuggie reportedly made more than $500 million in only five years after its induction into pop culture in 2008 according to Scott Boilen CEO of Allstar Products Group. These multi-million dollar flukes are fun to muse over or complain about, but the heart of the matter is that if you want to succeed,…

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  • Using Ecotourism to Engage Customers

    In the age of convenience, customer satisfaction may no longer be enough to ensure return business. Companies are seeing a growing need to engage their clientele in order to produce a deeper emotional connection that, in turn, results in the invaluable commodity of customer loyalty. Highway 1 Discovery Route and the unincorporated San Luis Obispo County Tourism Business Improvement District (TBID) have created and maintained the award winning Stewardship Travel Program (STP) in an attempt to merge sustainability, environmentalism and customer engagement. Established in 2013, STP involves businesses from Ragged Point to as far South as Nipomo and offers 70…

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  • Atascadero News Tackles Housing Crisis in New Series

    The Atascadero News, a printed publication serving SLO north county, addresses vacation rentals, the housing shortage and how Paso Robles and Atascadero plan deal with these issues in its news housing crisis series.   By News Staff    

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  • Yoga Center of Morro Bay Stretches into Its Fifth Year

      The Yoga Center of Morro Bay (YCMB), located at 1000 Main St., Morro Bay, celebrated its fifth year anniversary.  When Jennifer Patterson, owner of YCMB first moved to California she was only on her way to Alaska and had no intention of staying on the Central Coast, let alone opening up shop and putting down roots. Originally from Colorado, Patterson had a successful yoga studio in the mile high state but decided it was time for a change and headed west.  Her experience reflects so many of those who have transplanted to the coastal region, people who have seen…

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  • The Dugout Can Help You Sport the Perfect Gift

    It may be daunting for some people to walk into a sports memorabilia store with the hope of finding a suitable gift for their loved one or relative. On the outside looking in, it’s easy to imagine someone arbitrarily slapping price tags on random paraphernalia just waiting for some gullible consumer to fork over their money, but there is a definite science to the art of collecting. Lance and June Gonzales, the newest owners of the Sports Dugout located at 103 E. Branch Street in the Village of Arroyo Grande, know the trade, know how to trade, and can help…

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    Council to Hill: Step Down From San-District

    In the U.S. Navy a Board of Inquiry or Court of Inquiry are investigative proceedings conducted in response to an…

    SLO County Business Matters Daybook

    (Sept. 10) Week-ahead look at emerging business insights from key meetings in government, service clubs and community organizations. SLO County Business…

    SLO County Daybook

    (Sept. 4) Week-ahead look at emerging business insights from key meetings in government, service clubs and community organizations. SLO County Business…

    Breaking News: Meathead Moves Accepting Donations for Texas Disaster Relief

    Meathead Movers (MM), a local student-athlete moving company, is collecting donations from the San Luis Obispo community and transporting them…