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Atascadero Weed Abatement Deadline Looms

by Dapur Melodi

The Atascadero Fire & Emergency Services reminds residents that weed abatement must be completed by June 1. After the deadline, a City contractor will be authorized to remove the pervasive plants and/or refuse on un-cleared parcels. If the City contractor clears the weeds, the individual property owner will be billed at 150 percent of the total Contractor’s cost. Those charges will then be assessed on the individual’s property tax bill.

Residents of Atascadero are encouraged to take care of hazardous weeds as soon as possible. Atascadero Fire & Emergency Services’ mission, through its hazard reduction program, is to eliminate vegetative growth and/or refuse which may cause a fire or life and safety hazard.

Weed abatement requirements include clearing annual grasses 100’ from any structure, 10’ from any driveway, 50’from any property line and include clearing the easement along the roadway. For additional weed abatement requirements, please log onto the City’s website at www.atascadero.org and click on Fire Department.

For questions regarding this press release, please contact Atascadero Fire & Emergency Services at (805)461-5070.

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